What differentiates SBC from belt cutters already on the market?

  • The SBC is mounted directly on the belt with only two movements and has a safety seal;
  • The SBC is equipped with a special double-edged blade (made in Germany);
  • In an accident where the person can not be released from the belt, for some reason, turning to the right or to the left, the safety seal departs and the belt will be cut;
  • The SBC can be moved up or down without affecting the belt mechanism as well as the cutting mechanism;
  • The SBC, when mounted, does not bother the person;
  • The SBC was approved by the Engineers of the Fire Department and we received a document proving the relevance of its function and the importance of saving lives in case of an accident / emergency;
  • The SBC can be customized for all businesses.

On the contrary, the existing belt cutters are impractical:

  • Do not cut;
  • You need both hands to cut the belt: one that stretches and the other to cut it (the cut must be made diagonal). If in an accident the person for any reason has only one hand available, how does she cut???
  • Storage is either in the glove compartment or under the seat, in inaccessible places in an emergency;
  • None of the existing belt cutters are approved or have a certificate.
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