Dear driver, allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Giovanni Di Pietro , an Italian who has lived in Portugal for fifteen years.

I am the inventor of the Seat Belt Cutter (SBC) and my invention is protected around the world. It is with great honor that I affirm that this invention of mine has been tested by reputable entities (namely, the National Firemen's Association) that they can save lives (and there is no more precious asset!).

We live in a hectic time and this agitation is felt, in particular, in the road traffic, each one of us knows this.

Consciously or unconsciously, we are always in mortal danger ...

We would believe that driving would be the most normal thing in the world; however, statistics of 1.5 million fatalities prove otherwise, of which 50,000 were unable to get rid of the belt.

No one is immune from an accident , irrespective of his or her position and regardless of the competencies he or she presents. I would like to make people aware of this harsh reality.

It was to think of her and the usefulness of my invention that I created, from scratch, this site where everything I read / see is real (without camouflaging or adding information).

Miracles? It does not, but it can be an immeasurable contribution to saving a life (who knows it will not be yours ?!).

If, with this message, I was able to arouse your attention, I invite you to click the button to discover the SBC ...

SEAT BELT CUTTER wishes you a great trip, in safety!

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